Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians

Licensed Veterinary Technicians are the nurses of Veterinary Medicine. They hold college degrees in Veterinary Technology and are licensed to practice by the state of New York. Licensed Technicians are experienced individuals whose daily responsibilities include anesthetizing patients, taking X-rays, collecting and running lab work, caring for hospitalized patients, educating our clients and many more responsibilities. Meet our experienced Technicians!


Lead Licensed Veterinary Technician

I became a Veterinary Technician because I liked working with and helping animals. I graduated from SUNY Canton in 2005 with my degree in Veterinary Technology and Hospital Management. Every day I make it a priority to help our patients (and also try to not get bit!). After work I spend time with my husband and 2 kids, as well as our hound, 3 cats, an old horse, a duck and some chickens. My farm full of pets is part of my family.



Licensed Veterinary Technician

Kathy graduated in 2004 with her degree in Veterinary Technology from SUNY Delhi. When she is not busy working, she is an avid gardener, maintains a small goat herd, and trains her cattle dog in agility. Everyone at work appreciates her goat herd for the wonderful goat cheese she brings us!





Licensed Veterinary Technician

Ally worked as one of our Veterinary Assistants while pursuing her degree in Veterinary Technology through online study and has graduated and passed her state boards making her a full fledged Licensed Veterinary Technician! She enjoys her pride of cats at home, and spending time with her extended family.




Licensed Veterinary Technician

I became a Veterinary Technician to help people by helping their pets, and sharing my compassion with the community. My goal is to ensure that pet owners are educated about their pets, and share my knowledge to promote a happier, healthier family. Every day I live by my mantra of “Create your joy” and I believe that strongly applies in our every day work. I love to spend time with my horse Snowball, my cat “Jack the Cat” and my boyfriend Robert. My pets are my family. We take care of each other and always have each other’s backs.