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Covid-19, Companion Animals and Veterinary Care

There is a lot of information about SARS-Cov2 and there is even more unknown, which of course is the scary part. Let’s talk about what we do know and how this pandemic is affecting our pets, veterinary care and how we can adapt to the best of our ability. Please click HERE to visit our Covid-19 page for the latest information.

Important Scheduling Update

We are currently booking standard well appointments out at least 8 weeks. And even farther out if you have a very specific need (for instance, evening appointments book out even further).
As current clients know, we DO reserve a number of spots in each days appointments for active patients urgent care needs. AND we have always reserved a couple of spots for those new puppies and kittens.
But, in order to insure that you get the wellness appointment you and your pet need, we encourage you to call at least 2 months prior to when the pet is due. If you do not know when your pet is due, check on your PETDESK app, or give us a call or email. Please take the opportunity when you are in to book your next wellness appointment before leaving.
If, perhaps, you have been caught unaware, and need to get in more quickly, we suggest you call each morning, as sometimes there is a cancellation. We simply can not double (or triple) book healthy animals on short notice without significantly impacting our ability to provide quality care to ALL of the animals in our care each day. Please understand that our staff is working above and beyond to accommodate as many clients and pets as possible and that they deserve your respect and kindness, EVEN if we cannot accommodate to your specific needs. Rudeness or abuse of our staff will not be tolerated and those who do so will asked to seek veterinary care elsewhere.


Please Note any Special Clinic Hours Below:


Wednesday September 20th: Closing early at 5PM.

Thursday November 24th: CLOSED

Friday November 25th: CLOSED

Monday December 26th: CLOSED


Please Help us Welcome our new team members!

We are fortunate enough to have grown and added several new staff members. Please help us welcome them to the CAC fam!

Vet’s First Choice Pharmacy

Many clients are aware of the potential dangers from ordering from an online pharmacy. While there are true licensed online pharmacies, many obtain their product from sources other than the manufacturer. As such, manufacturer guarantees are often voided when you purchase through one of these pharmacies because they cannot guarantee how the product was stored, handled or if it even is legit product and not a counterfeit. We do understand the convenience of being able to have medications delivered as we all lead extremely busy lives ourselves. In an effort to increase the convenience and safety factors for our clients and patients, we have partnered with Vet’s First Choice Pharmacy. This is an online pharmacy that is licensed to carry and distribute medications and foods from the manufacturer and in most cases provide free shipping!

To learn more about Vet’s First Choice Pharmacy, please click here.

To learn more about the dangers of purchasing medications and food from unlicensed online pharmacies click here.