Appointment Instructions During Covid-19

Instructions for Appointments during Covid-19


We are still under regulations and are still operating with restricted policies. We want to walk you through what you can expect for your upcoming appointment. At this time we are still required to restrict the amount of staff we have in the building so please be patient and kind to our staff and understand that we are operating with half of our normal staff due to safety regulations. All appointment type instructions are listed below, please find the appointment type that your pet is scheduled for to see how your appointment will be handled.

If you are a new client, please fill out our online registration form HERE if you have not already and email any records you have to [email protected]



Please park out front, stay in your car, and TEXT the clinic to check in at (315) 699-0050.

Doctor Appointments: The receptionist will check you in and will text you back when your exam room is ready, informing you which exam room to come into. Please walk into the clinic and go directly into the exam room without stopping. We can only allow ONE client in the building with the pet and a mask is required.
If you intend to pay for your visit by credit card, please put your credit card on the exam room table so we can spray a disinfectant on your card.
The doctor will come in to talk with you, review a treatment plan and take your pet out back for an exam and treatments.  At this time, we are unable to examine pets or perform treatments in rooms due to capacity restrictions.  Payment will also be collected in the exam room instead of the reception area.

Surgery Drop offs: When you check in, the receptionist will let you know when your exam room is ready.  When instructed, please walk directly into the exam room and the surgical team will review the paperwork with you. Surgery drop off is between 7:15am and 7:30am. Patients should have no food after 9:00pm the night before and water should be taken away the morning of surgery.

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please give us 48 hours notice so that we can open the slot up for another patient. Appointments are very limited due to Covid-19.


Please drive around behind the clinic and park your vehicle in one of the curbside parking spots in the back parking lot of the clinic. Please stay in your car and CALL the clinic to check in at (315) 699-0050.  The receptionist will check you in and will confirm the procedures to be performed and the associated costs. When the team is ready for your pet, the receptionist will instruct you when to bring your pet to the back door.
Follow the walkway to the back door of the clinic and wait for the staff member to meet you. They will take the leashed dog from you. If you have a small dog or cat in a carrier, please set the carrier outside the door and the staff member will come out to get it after you have stepped away. Please do not enter the clinic.
Your pet will receive all treatments. Our receptionist will then call you to obtain your credit card number over the phone to cash you out and instruct you to be ready to head back to the back door your pet.
We will bring your pet to the back door along with any medications and your receipt and will either pass your pet back to you in the same manner as when you arrived. Please do not enter the building.

Obviously with the current limitations that Covid-19 has put on us we have a good deal of barriers and challenges. We are also working with a smaller team than normal so things just take a little longer right now please be patient and be respectful and polite to our team. We do not tolerate abusive behavior to our team members. There is enough negativity in the world at the moment, please don’t bring it here. We are doing the best that we can with restrictions and regulations that are out of our control.

Thank you again for your understanding and we will see you soon!

The team at Cicero Animal Clinic, P.C.