Feb 16 2017

Robyn’s First Training Class

By Dr. Gayanna Gilbraith, DVM

Before I even brought Robyn home, I had her enrolled in a puppy socialization class through CNY Pet Training.

Some readers may be a bit alarmed that I was starting a 10 week old puppy in classes ALREADY. Isn’t it too soon to expect a puppy to be able to learn “commands” and begin “obedience”? The answer is NO- it is not too soon BUT…

The BUT is a very important part of the conversation . Puppies can begin classes at a young age, but you need to be careful about contagious diseases (all puppies should be on a vaccine schedule that is verified by the instructor), and the area of the classes really should be cleaned to decrease potential disease transmission. If that criteria is met, the class should meet the puppies need to begin socializing with other dogs, and keep the training interactions short and sweet.

Every pup will have its own challenges. Some may be a bit shy or hesitant, another may be very bold but lack impulse control. A good puppy class will help you identify your puppies strengths and challenges, and help you devise the right training plan for that puppy. One size does not fit all!!

Robyn did well in her first class, although it took her a little while to relax in the new environment. She impressed me with her confident interactions with the other pups, and the other handlers. All in all, a very successful first venture!

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