Jan 05 2017

Dr. Gilbraith’s Adventures in Puppyhood

By Dr. Gayanna Gilbraith, DVM

I am fortunate to have a wonderful family, including a supportive husband, two sons who have grown into admirable young men, and a variable number of four legged friends.

As it happens, I have had to bid farewell to a number of four legged friends in 2016- a much loved laboratory retriever, and three wonderful elderly cats. Because I treasure all of the memories I had with these pets, I have decided to add a new member to our pet family.

We will be welcoming a Cairn Terrier puppy to our family! This puppy will join my 9 year old Cairn, and my husband’s 1 year old rescue puppy. This blog will chronicle my journey with our new family member. I hope this puppy will grow and develop to be my new agility and obedience partner- but time will tell!

Is this new puppy a girl, or a boy? I don’t know yet! I also don’t know what my first experience bringing a puppy on a plane will be like. In a few days, I travel to find out which puppy I bring home, and then the real journey begins.

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